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Allan Densmore

Hi, I'm Allan Densmore. Welcome to my profile!

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Allan Densmore has been in the financial services field for over two decades, with having a top rated financial show as well as many many awards over the years as well as finishing his book Millionair Advisor Allan Densmore has gained a lot of knowledge that the public must know and nobody is telling them. Mr. Densmore has been disappointed with what the insurance companies and brokerage houses offer to the public. Being intimate in the financial services industry he understands why. Allan Densmore moved to Florida and gave up his Registered Investment Advisor License as well as insurance license. This allowed him the freedom to published his book Millionaire Advisor despite the powers that wanted to substantially edit it. Now he works with the public in two simple areas that he believe they want the most help with. When people retire their three main goals are to stay healthy, continue to love and not run out of money. Allan Densmore shows people how to get more money for their money by utilizing the secret world of Discounted Income Contracts, as well as First Position Commercial Mortgage notes.  Only in the secondary market is where you will find me and the products I use. He continues to educate the public with his book and advice on income producing alternatives.

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Racing, camping, building cabins in Canada, helping people get more money for their money.

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